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Everything is coming together to make 2016 the best and most affordable summer at COC ever. Here are the facts:

  • Deluxe camp is only $1795 USD. The best exchange rate in 8 years! 
  • Guaranteed snow on the glacier next summer! Whistler Blackcomb is installing a snowmaking system on the glacier right now. Whistler is the only summer shred spot that can guarantee snow for summer 2016.
  • Register right now to receive a FREE GoPro Hero 4 or a Snowboard from our sponsors! (While supplies last)
  • More time on snow than any other camp
  • The best accommodation, right in Whistler village
Camp of Champions Panorama


Do you want to go pro? COC can make that happen. Do you want to win the Olympics? COC can make that happen. Do you want to be a better rider than you were before?  COC can make that happen.  

We invented the shred summer camp 28 years ago. We have been fine tuning the recipe below for 28 years, consistently creating what campers and pros call "The best week of my life". 

The COC Recipe For Awesomeness

  • Legendary and Next Generation Pros as Coaches
  • The Legendary Town of Whistler
  • The Best Park - As voted by the pros
  • The Most Snow - Snowmaking Guarantee
  • The Most Time Coaching
  • The Most Time Riding

Combine all ingredients. Best served in 8 Day sessions or longer.

See you this summer,

Ken Achenbach
Camp Founder/Director

Snowboard Hall of Fame



It's never been more important to come to the Camp of Champions to get the progression you want and need. Progression that can be described so many different ways. Progression as a rider, progression in the industry, progression as a person, progression in having friends around the world and most importantly, progression in the realization that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Come to COC this summer and make more friends and have more fun while you progress in your goal of living the dream... no matter what that dream is.

MORE COACHING - Two hours more coaching a day than at Momentum. Four hours a day more coaching than High Cascade and Windell's.

COC is the only summer camp that grooms their entire park every night so that the park is perfect from the second you arrive in the morning. Our paid professional dig crew maintains the park all day so its always perfect.  COC also has the nicest accommodation of any camp anywhere. Campers stay at the luxurious Whistler Peak Lodge in the heart of Whistler. 



Snowboard Camp Highlights


To start living the dream of going pro, you need a park that is the best in the world.  Our world famous Pro Line of jumps is backed up by multiple lines of jumps, rails and features for every ability level to make your progression as fast as humanly possible. COC is the only camp on earth that grooms their entire park every night. It's how we got more riding every day - because our park is ready to go at 8:00AM. Every day. The quality of our park is why the US, Canadian, Norwegian and other National Teams use COC as their official summer training partner. If you watched the Olympics or X Games, you will know that these three teams have owned the podium, winning pretty much everything. If COC was a country at the Sochi Olympics, we would have been 8th with 10 medals. Coaches and riders credit the COC park with a lot of their success. Come to camp and see how far an amazing park combined with our amazing coaches can take you.

Ski Camp

The Coaches

The coaches are the heart and soul of the Camp of Champions. Most of our pros are rock stars in their own right and they come back to COC to inspire the next generation and teach them the skills they need to get where they want to go. Whether your dream is to rip the backcountry, go to the X Games/Olympics or simply to become a better rider the coaches at COC have you covered.

The best part is, because you have the same coach every day, you really become a friend with your coach. I've heard so many times from our coaches how they talk to "their" campers all winter on Facebook and email. 

Our coaches used to be campers. That's why they work so hard to make your week amazing. They used to be you. Soon you can be them.


HEad coach of the us slopestyle team explains why coc is the best