Apps + Games

The Camp of Champions is only a month of the year, which leaves 11 months of the year where you wish you were in Whistler. To make the wait for camp seem shorter and the the bus ride to school more enjoyable, we've partnered with former campers turned computer geniuses to create a COC app and two games.

The Camp of Champions App

Download the Camp of Champions App from the Apple Store or the Android Market and you'll be able to check all our videos and photos on your phone. You'll also be able to follow all the feeds from our sponsors. It's the best way to stay up to date with COC.

For Apple devices - download the coc app here

For android devices - download the coc app here




Adam Sullovey has been coming to camp forever and was bored one fall and decided to recreate the COC park in a game. It's awesome. 
Play Gnarshmallow Now.  We are not responsible for you failing school because this game is too addictive.