COC Is How You Get Started In The Snowboard and Ski Industry

If your dream is to go pro and or make a life in the shred industry, come to camp. You'll learn from your coaches how to get to be a really, really good rider. You'll make tons of friends as a pro rider and you'll make the connections you need to live what ever dream you want. Pro rider, marketing manager, team manager, brand manager, sales rep, brand owner, product designer, product engineer, photographer, filmer, writer, editor, artist... It all starts here. Want proof? The Redbull Marketing director used to be a camper. The Monster Energy marketing director used to be a camper, pretty much 80% of the reps out there used to be campers, The GoPro senior content manager, brand manager and product managers all used to be campers, 4FRNT Skis, Line Skis, CAPiTA SNOWBOARDING, Orage, Dinosaurs Will Die Snowboards, VonZipper, Morrow Snowboards, Sandboxland, Union Binding Company, Airblaster, Armada Skis, 3CS Outerwear, Celtek, and so many more of your favorite brands that we can't even remember them all.. were all started by campers. 75% of the skateparks in Canada and the US were either designed or built or both by campers. Even the marketing manager and over half of the Momentum camps coaches used to be COC campers, HAHAHAHA. Want to get into the shred industry? Come to COC. It's where it all starts. It's how Darryl Trinidad started killing it. Let him explain.