When you read all the different summer snowboard camp and summer ski camp websites they all sound amazing... and they are. Reading between the lines of hype are essential to get the camp experience you dream of. So we've created this page that strips everything down to the key elements of a camp. Accommodation, Coaching Ratio, Amount of Coaching and Park Maintenance. No hype, just facts. It makes it easier to see exactly what you are getting when you are trying to decide what camp to attend. It's dry stats but the details are very important in finding a camp that matches your expectations.


The number of people in your space when you are trying to relax, or that are keeping you awake by snoring / talking when you want to sleep can be a big factor in your camp experience. Personality clashes are more likely to occur with more people in a room. The number of roommates also determines how much of your own stuff you go home with, including the sheer number of misunderstandings about who owns what. The more people you share a room with, the more difficult it is to keep your own possessions together, and separate from everyone else's similar looking stuff. Who's goggles are those anyway?

Camp Accomodation Campers per room
Camp of Champions Whistler Peak Lodge - 4 Star Hotel, completely refurbished in 2015 campers are double occupancy
Momentum Ski Camp Blackcomb Lodge - 3 Star Hotel campers are quadruple occupancy
Windell's Ski Camp Windell's own 1950's-era motel 8-12 campers per unit
High Cascade Snowboard Camp The Lodge up to 60 campers split into units of 12-24
The Chalet 10-16 campers per unit in room of up to 6 campers each
Camp Woodward Bunkhouse 11 campers per bunk room

Coaching Ratio

We're going to assume every camp's coaches are awesome. More than half of other camps coaching staff used to be COC campers so they must be. We'd love to hire every camper that goes pro but unfortunately we can't.

Camp Coaching Style notes
Camp of Champions One-on-One coaching in small groups with the same coach every day rotating visiting guest pro coaches not included in ratio
Momentum Ski Camp One-on-One coaching in small groups different coach every day
Windell's Ski Camp Group Coaching
High Cascade Snowboard Camp Group Coaching
Camp Woodward Group Coaching

Hours Of On Snow Coaching / camp Value metric

This metric was created because every year we get so many campers from other camps that are blown away by how much more they learn at COC. Why? Because they are coached all day, every day, by the same coach. They had never received so much coaching before.

We always assumed every camp coached all day and were on snow all day. We were wrong. A lot of camps aren't up front with how much actual on snow coaching you get. We feel that the on snow coaching and how much of it you get is the main reason for choosing one camp over another. The cost per hour of your camp is the camp price divided by the total number of hours you are coached on snow. This metric shows defines value - the camp that looks cheaper might actually be the most expensive and vice versa.


Camp Daily On Snow Coaching Hours Total Hours Per Session Camp Cost/Value Metric
Camp of Champions 8:15AM - 3:00PM - 6.75 hours a day 40.5 $59.13 CAD / $47.21 USD per hour
Momentum Ski Camp 9:00 AM - Noon and 1:00-2:30PM - 5.5 hours a day 33 $71.67 CAD / $57.24 USD per hour
Windell's Ski Camp 10:00AM - 2:00PM - 4 hours a day 24 $93.83 CAD / $74.94 USD per hour (Motel Option)
$104.27 CAD / $83.29 USD per hour (Lodge Option)
High Cascade Snowboard Camp 10:00AM - 2:00PM - 4 hours a day 24 $104.27 CAD / $83.29 USD per hour (Lodge Option)
$109.50 CAD / $87.45 USD per hour (Chalet Option)
Woodward Camp 4 hours per day 24 $69.31 CAD / $55.37 USD per hour


The metric for how often the park gets maintained is a huge factor in how great a park rides. Everyone claims "THE BEST PARK!" "THE BEST JUMP" but looking at the maintenance metric allows you to see how many days of your camp the park is groomed, how it's groomed, and by who, allowing you to decide for yourself who has "THE BEST PARK", "THE BEST JUMP!". Also important, is, for how much of the day are the features perfect and whether the park maintenance team is a volunteer crew or a professional staff. It makes a huge difference to the final product. Volunteers work to ride, doing as little as humanly possible, killing time till they can ride. Professionals work with pride as they are in the park to make the features perfect all day. They aren't in the park to work on their tricks. They are in the park to work on your features.

Camp Groomed By When?
Camp of Champions Professional groomers and park maintenance staff from Arena Snowparks Park completely groomed by snowcat every night, groomed by hand all day
Momentum Ski Camp Groomed by snowcat after the third day. Daily volunteer park crew Maintenance shifts in the park in the mornings from 8:15-10:00AM and from 2:30-3:00PM
Windell's Ski Camp Volunteer park crew Volunteer park crew maintains the park by hand
High Cascade Snowboard Camp Volunteer park crew Volunteer park crew maintains the park by hand
Camp Woodward Park groomed by snowcat Volunteer park crew