Snowboard & Ski Camp Packing List

Picking clothes for two seasons at once is weird. Here's our time-tested packing list.

Please do not over pack! You'll use half of what you bring, so save yourself from lugging heavy bags. Check out the COC photo gallery on Flickr to see what other people are wearing on the glacier and after riding. There is a washer and dryer in each suite so you can pack less and wash more.

Snowboard / Skis

If you would like to ride demo boards all week instead of bringing your own board, hit up Showcase Snowboards as soon as you arrive in town and they will get you sorted from the big selection of boards from the camp sponsors.

If you want to rent skis, hit up the CanSki at the base of the Wizard Chair as soon as you arrive so they can get you sorted so you don't waste anytime on the first day because they open at 10AM.

Snowboard Boots / Ski Boots

We recommend you bring your own. Pack your ski boots in your carry-on luggage so you can ride even if the airline loses everything else.

Snowboard / Ski Socks

Bring a few pairs. Warm weather = sweaty feet

Waterproof jacket, pants, gloves

Non-insulated waterproof shells and thinner base layers work best for rain and snow. Long sleeves and hoodies are great when the sun comes out. Most people just bring their regular winter gear and shed layers when it warms up. We get all kinds of weather on the glacier from blizzards to sunny and hot, so be prepared for anything! Bring two pairs of gloves so you can switch after lunch. They are going to get soaked! 

Long sleeve shirt, hoodies, sweatpants, shorts

Bring some spring/summer clothing for after-snow activities in the afternoon and evening in the valley. This is where most people overpack. If you underpack and run out of clothes you can do laundry at the hotel.

Sunglasses, goggles, sunscreen, facemask

Anything and everything to stay covered up from the sun! If you don’t have good eye protection, we won’t let you on the glacier. Nothing is worse than burning your eyeballs on the first day of camp and having to sit in your hotel room in the dark for the rest of the week. For sunscreen, we recommend waterproof SPF 30 or higher. Vertra is the sunscreen brand we recommend. It's absolutely amazing. It's kind of hard to find so order it direct from their website. A facemask while you ride works as well.

Toque, beanie, hat, helmet

We recommend you wear a helmet while you ride the park or skate. Bring a hat to keep your face out of the sun while eating lunch in the park. Bring a toque or beanie in case it gets cold at night in the village.

Bathing Suit

There’s a hot tub at the hotel and lakes within walking distance.


Duh! Whistler's skatepark is 2 minutes from the hotel.

Cell phone

Call or text your parents as soon as your plane lands or you arrive at camp! They are worried about you. Let them know you’re okay.

Spending money

You’re right in Whistler village surrounded by some of the best skate/snow/ski shops in the world. As a camper, you will get a discount at stores like Showcase and Quiksilver. If you bring an ATM card, there are lots of ATM’s close to the hotel.

backpack & water bottle

You will live out of your backpack while at camp. It’s the best thing to bring up to the park everyday to store things like: water bottle, Cocos Pure (gotta stay hydrated!), sunscreen, camera, cellphone, GoPro, extra hat, facemask, gloves, jacket, shorts and shoes for the ride down at the end of the day, etc).


Stacks of cash, gold chains, diamonds, ballin’ watches… just leave them at home. We’re all here to shred and you’ll leave things all over the place once the madness of camp is on. You're responsible for keeping track of your own things, and the best way to do that is leave them at home. The hotel does offer a safe if you would like to leave your passport with them during your stay, but you have to remember to grab it before you get on the bus to go home!