Summer Ski Camp

The ultimate summer skiing experience with Olympians, X-Games Champions and top pros as your coaches. That's summer ski camp Whistler style. Stay in a beautiful hotel with only one roommate in the amazing town of Whistler. Hang out with all of your heroes, learn lots, and eat awesome food. Make a bunch of new friends and come home completely exhausted with a smile on your face that lasts for months and stories that last for forever.

The Ultimate Summer Ski Camp

There is nothing better than skiing in the summer. The sun's out, the pros are sending it in the COC Glacier park, you're making new friends and stomping new tricks by the truckload plus you get to feel what it's like to live the pro skier life. Ski hard all day with your friends, stay double occupancy at a dope luxury hotel in Whistler and do everything fun that can be done in Whistler.

There is literally so much overwhelming fun happening it's hard to actually process it. So don't bother, just send it and have the best week of your life. 



Experts say that to become a pro at anything you need to practice 10,000 hours to get there. At COC, you ride and get coached for more hours a day than you will at any other camp. All we want to do is ride. It's all we really care about. We feel that "Every hour you miss is one you're behind". You get on the lift at 7:30 AM and can be riding by 9! We ride and coach right up to last T-Bar at 3:00 PM. You came to get as much riding and coaching as possible. When you include the time you save by having your smorgasbord style lunch already made, you gain another hour of riding a day.


Typical Day

Onsnow and Offsnow there is literally TONNES to do


6:30am - 7:00am - Wake up 

7:30- Lifts open

7:30 - 8:45 - Mountain Top Gourmet Buffet Breakfast at Rendezvous Lodge and  Fresh Sandwich & Wrap station

8:15am - 3:00pm - Coached, on snow skiing in the amazing COC Park

11:00 - 12:30 - Lunch -  eat your custom sandwich or wrap made fresh that morning. Chill with your friends, coaches, and pros. 

12:00 - 12:30 - Maintenance  - Thats right, our park gets hand groomed everyday by professional diggers. Features close one by one to keep you shredding

3:00 - 4:30 - Downloading from mountain, chilling at The Whistler Peak Lodge

4:00 - 10:00 - After Skiing Activities

5:00 - 7:00 - Dinner at El Furniture Warehouse. A huge menu and everything tastes great. You decide what time you want and go.

10:00pm - Curfew

Onsnow Activities

The MAIN PART of camp, on snow, its why you came, and its as good as you thought! Your coach will guide you through progression across all the features and shred with you all week. COC - Skiing in the best summer park with like minded skiers like you, amazing coaches and pros getting down. Every day there is something fun going on that everyone can participate in! It can be anything from whiffle golf, eating contests, to rail jams,, to inner tube races... You name the contest, and it's likely been done to epic proportions in our park.  

After Camp Activities

There are endless fun things to do when you come off the mountain! Bounce (the trampoline centre), Paintball, Whistler Bungee (additional cost), NEW Whistler skatepark (only 2 minutes from the hotel), beach parties at Lost Lake, dodgeball tournaments, movies,  BBQ's, and more. Our amazing sponsors make these events even more epic by sending their pros along with tons of free swag. You're also right in Whistler Village! Cruise around town and hit up the local shops or just chill on a bench in town and see  all the people and pros cruise by. 















   Camp A All Riders & 19+ Week June 25-July 2

   Camp B, All Riders! July 2 - July 9

   Camp C , All Riders & Ladies Week!! July 9-16



Includes coaching, lift tickets, park access, accommodations, 3 meals per day, and afternoon activities.

  $1700 USD / $2245 CAD

Options:  No Accommodation OR No Coaching

$1400 USD / $1845 CAD 

Available Discounts:
2 Consecutive 8 Day Sessions - Save $100 CAD
3 Consecutive 8 Day Sessions - Save $300 CAD


Upgrade to Single Occupancy Accommodation $900 CAD

Private One-On_One Coaching - Phone or email for details and prices





You get the same rock star as your coach every day so every minute of your time at COC is used pushing your skills forward. You spend your time at camp learning with the best coaches in the sport you love. If you worry that you won't meet every pro that is at camp, don't, the coaches and campers posse up and hit the same features so you'll meet and interact with everyone as well as become friends with all the pros. You'll go home with new skills and new friends for life. Shred friends are the best friends.

Camp Director Ken Achenbach

Ken started COC and has run it since the beginning. He is always joking, shooting photos, video or livestreaming the camp experience. You might even be riding the progression of something he invented that changed snowboarding… the Twintip snowboard and baseless bindings.

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Head Coach Leo Addington

20 years of coaching every level gives Leo experience and knowledge to keep the glacier running safely, smoothly, and pushing progression.

Leo Addington, Head Coach
It was great working with Leo for the Sochi Olympics. His setup allowed me to be in the best condition to prepare to compete and achieve my medal. I look forward to seeing him up at Camp of Champions this summer
— Mark Mcmorris



Joe Shuster


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