There is nothing better than snowboarding in the summer. The sun's out, the pros are sending it in the best summer park on earth, you are making new friends and stomping new tricks by the truckload plus you get to feel what it's like to live the pro snowboarder's life. Ride hard all day with your friends, stay double occupancy at a dope luxury hotel in Whistler and do everything fun that can be done in Whistler.  Once you get down from the private COC park on the glacier, you can skate till 10PM in the concrete skate park that is the 2nd largest skatepark in Canada. It's right across the parking lot from the hotel. You and your coaches go to Bounce Trampoline Academy, to breakfast, lunch and dinner together, to the movies in the 8 screen movie theater downstairs from the hotel, to special events put on by COC's awesome sponsors where you win free stuff. There is literally so much overwhelming fun happening it's hard to actually process it. So don't bother, just send it and have the best week of your life. You know already that deep down you are moving to Whistler to start your journey to become a legend, the day you get out of Grade 12... just like all our coaches and the visiting pros did.


Competitions progress and change, so the stock design of summer parks wasn’t going to get you where you need to be for the future you dream of so we decided to change the formula so that COC campers would be ahead of the curve. Campers ahead of the curve is how every year we continue our ridiculous winning streak in major competitions that has COC campers on the podium 95% of the time, even when Olympic gold is on the line. We’ve swept the Olympic and X Games podium so many times that in Sochi if COC had been a country we would have been ranked 8th.


So… Last summer (2016) The Camp of Champions and Arena Snowparks decided to do something different from the usual jump line, rail line that was everyone’s summer park. COC and Arena wanted to go somewhere new and where we went was amazing. We took the Holy Bowly skatepark style and gave it a summer twist. It’s a combo of rail and jump lines that have transitions everywhere so you can change up your line every run, even mid run. It’s the future of snowboard park riding and the future skiing didn’t know it needed. Snowboarding and Skiing, as much as everyone tries to tell you is all about winning and going to the Olympics, is all about having fun. When you are having fun it doesn’t feel like training, you relax, you soak it in, you grow as a person, you make amazing new friends, you are reminded of why you love your sport and why you are so happy dedicating your life to it. All of a sudden you’ve learned more than you ever thought possible. 2016 WAS SO FUN IT WAS RIDICULOUS. There were transitions everywhere, rails everywhere, features everywhere and “THE GONG”. Best of all you could connect them in ways you never could before in a summer park.



The first few days of camp were mayhem because most people had never ridden a park that made it so easy to be creative, so you had to relearn where to look before you dropped in to make sure it was clear. Soon everyone was losing their minds, creating combos that, when you got to the bottom of your run, you just had to laugh. We even had pros and campers from other camps trying to sneak in and hit the COC Park because they could see the fun, the progression and transitions that were calling their names. Their names weren’t on our list unfortunately. Come to COC and get your name on the list so you can get your name on the ever-lengthening list of legends and rock stars that started at COC.


So many pros credit having COC in their DNA as being the difference in them making it to the Olympics and X-Games or what helped them turn into freeride gods, that it's almost crazy. Just ask former campers how camp changed their life. Campers like Travis Rice, Mark McMorris, Mark Sollors, Craig McMorris, Shaun White, Jamie Anderson, Torstein Horgmo, the Yawgoons and Manboys crew, and so many others that the list is actually ridiculous. You'll get the same answer every time. COC is where it all started. So many of our pros have gone on to coach national teams that who knows, your coach this summer could be your coach when you go to the Olympics in a few years. Or your coach could be your teammate when you get sponsored and start traveling the world. The strength, depth and quality of our coaching program is hard to believe. You learn so much in such a short time you will be blown away.


The schedule we give the campers is the same schedule we give the pros. You check into your hotel room with the pros, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with the pros, and shred all day in the same park as the pros! They are here with all the visiting pros all week to make your experience at camp as epic as possible.... Because it's pretty likely they were once a camper too, and they want camp to change your life just like camp changed theirs. 


Experts say that to become a pro at anything you need to practice 10,000 hours to get there. At COC, you ride and get coached for more hours a day than you will at any other camp. All we want to do is ride. It's all we really care about. We feel that "Every hour you miss is one you're behind". You get on the lift at 7:30 AM and are riding by 8:15 AM or so. Every other camp doesn't start coaching until at least 10 AM. We ride and coach right up to last T-Bar at 3:00 PM. You came to get as much riding and coaching as possible. When you include the time you save by having your smorgasbord style lunch already made, you gain another hour of riding a day.


You get the same rock star as your coach every day so every minute of your time at COC is used pushing your skills forward. You spend your time at camp learning with the best coaches in the sport you love. If you worry that you won't meet every pro that is at camp, don't, the coaches and campers posse up and hit the same features so you'll meet and interact with everyone as well as become friends with all the pros. You'll go home with new skills and new friends for life. Shred friends are the best friends.

Snowboard Coaches



With over 20 years in sport coaching, nine years at an elite Olympic level, Leo understands camps and coaching. Most recently the Head Coach for the Canadian National Slopestyle Team, this two time Olympic coach (Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014) brings experience and expertise to Camp of Champions. Having founded and ran two successful snowboard clubs (RidersOnBoard and the Akademy) and worked as Development Team coach before his National positions, Leo knows how to work with riders of all ages and levels and manage multiple staff. With a focus of safety, fun, and progression we welcome Leo back for his second year to the Camp of Champions team for Summer of 2017!

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It was great to work with Leo on my road to the Olympics and at the Sochi Games. His setup allowed me to be in the best condition possible to prepare to compete and achieve my medal. I look forward to seeing him up at Camp of Champions this summer
— Mark Mcmorris

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