The COC Park

The pro rider's favorite. Holy Bowly style design for the most progressive, fun park anywhere with transitions everywhere. In three words, Best On Earth.


The quality of our park is why so many pro's get started at COC, and then continue to use COC as their place to train in the summer. 

Quality - We are the only camp that grooms our park by snowcat every night. We have professional staff that do upkeep all day so that from the second you arrive in the morning until you catch the last lift out at the end of the day, the park is perfect. 

Something For Everyone - COC's world famous Pro Line of jumps in Large and Medium size is backed up by lines of small jumps, all configurations of rails and unique features for every ability level to make you progress as fast as humanly possible.  

The Most Time on Snow - "They" say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a pro. With that in mind, our park is perfect from the second our park is open at 8am till the last T-Bar out at 3pm.  

Snowmaking - With a snowmaking system now installed on the glacier, the COC park will be better than ever. COC is famous for having the best park every summer and snowmaking will let us be that much better. 

Professional Park Builders - The COC park is built by Arena Snowparks. They build parks for events like the Olympics in Vancouver,  and build and design parks all over the world. 

Safety - Safety is the one of the biggest benefits of having the Arena crew build our park. Transitions match, lines are as safe as possible and the flow is second to none. 

The Perfect Pitch - The COC park is the only summer park that is built on the same pitch/angle as the parks they use in competition. The COC advantage is you are training and competing in something that is the same. Training at other camps means you have to adjust your game when it counts... at the contest. It's why COC sweeps the podium every time. 



So… Last summer (2016) The Camp of Champions and Arena Snowparks decided to do something different from the usual jump line, rail line that was everyone’s summer park. We wanted to go somewhere new and where we went was amazing. We took the Holy Bowly skatepark style and gave it a summer twist. It’s a combo of rail and jump lines that have transitions everywhere so you can change up your line every run, even mid run.  Snowboarding and Skiing at its roots, whether your a rec rider or heading to the Xgames or olympics, is all about having fun. When you are having fun it doesn’t feel like training, you relax, you soak it in, you grow as a person, you make amazing new friends, you are reminded of why you love your sport and why you are so happy dedicating your life to it. All of a sudden you’ve learned more than you ever thought possible. 2016 WAS SO FUN IT WAS RIDICULOUS. There were transitions everywhere, rails everywhere, features everywhere and “THE GONG”. Best of all you could connect them in ways you never could before in a summer park.


The first few days of camp were mayhem because most people had never ridden a park that made it so easy to be creative, so you had to relearn where to look before you dropped in to make sure it was clear. Soon everyone was losing their minds, creating combos that, when you got to the bottom of your run, you just had to laugh.