Summer camp at the number one ski resort in the world?! Yes. There is nowhere like Whistler. There's nowhere like COC.

Location, Location, Location. You know it. We know it. Where did we start the best summer camp? Whistler. The worlds best resort town. Makes Sense!

Here's how you sell your parents on summer camp in Whistler.

1. Tell them it can be a family vacation. If they book a hotel and stay in town, you can stay with them at night and get the whole COC experience during the day. No Accommodation Camp saves you $400 off the price of Deluxe Camp (what we charge for the hotel room), and that cover a big part of your family's hotel bill. So technically you are paying for their vacation.

2. Show them how much fun stuff there is for them to do in Whistler. Click the link embedded in the photo to get started. You'll all have so much fun that you'll all have the best vacation ever. The only time they will see you is when you come home to sleep. Or when you ask them for money.

3. Sign up now and make it happen. We're filling up fast.