LEgends create legendary campers

Ken Achenbach, the founder of the Camp of Champions and 29 years later still the owner and camp director, has been a key part in the progression of snowboarding and skiing since before it was cool. He opened the first exclusive snowboard store in the world in 1981. He was second in the world in Halfpipe in 1983. He co-invented the twintip, the design that changed everything in snowboarding and as it turned out, skiing too.  If you ride the Burton EST system, you are riding the evolution of Ken’s baseless binding invention. In 1989, Ken invented the action sports summer camp too. He wrote the blueprint for every other camp to follow. It’s why every summer we change it up, and never rest on our laurels. Ken’s restless creative energy that is the very core of the COC experience, wants to take you, snowboarding and skiing somewhere new. So when you come to COC, you are riding the future. Even if you don’t notice it until the future catches up with you and realize you are living the dream - in the future you dreamed of, whatever your dream was. Winning the Olympics, the X Games, killing it in X Games Real Snow, ruling your local park or the simple dream of not sucking. COC Campers have won 95% of all Olympic medals in snowboarding and freeskiing and more X Games medals than any camp anywhere. Why are we telling you all this? Because, they say if you don’t know the past, you can’t know the future. The future starts here.

CAMPERS TURNED PRO - SKI: Tom Wallisch, CR Johnson, Tanner Hall, Matt Sterbenz, Skogen Sprang, Evan Raps, Bobby Brown, Gus Kenworthy, Nick Goepper, Joss Christensen, David Wise, Alex Schlopy, Jossi Wells, Byron Wells, Beau James Wells, Will Wesson, Andy Parry, Torin Yater Wallace, Simon D'Artois, Maude Raymond, Sean Pettit, Callum Pettit, Eric Hjorleifson, Eric Pollard, Wiley Miller & SO many more we honestly can't remember them all. 

CAMPERS TURNED PRO - SNOWBOARD:  Travis Rice, Shaun White, Terje Haakonsen, Mark McMorris, Craig McMorris, Torstein Horgmo, Chris Rasman, Colin D Watt, Jamie Anderson, Darcy Sharpe, Jenna Blasman, Mark Sollors, Jody Wachniak, Marcus Rand, Mary Rand, Dylan Gamache, Brian Skorupski, Robjn Taylor, Rusty Ockenden, Max Parrot, Matt Belzile, Rube Goldberg, Taylor Godber, Sebastien Toutant, Pat Milberry, Tyler Nicholson, Simon Chamberlain, Blue Montgomery, Joe Sexton, & SO many more we can't even keep track of everyone. 

See you this summer,

Ken Achenbach
Camp Founder/Director

Member - Snowboard Hall of Fame

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Everything is coming together to make 2016 the best and most affordable summer at COC ever. Here are the facts:

  • 8 Day Deluxe Camp 2017 is only $1700 USD*/$2145CAD! if you register before Jan 1, You are saving $250 on the regular price. 
  • Full Day Ride Only Camp is $289USD/$350CAD for 6 Days on snow if you register before Jan 1 You are saving $225 off the regular price
  • Half Day Ride Only Camp is $135USD/$175CAD for six afternoons on snow, if you register before Jan 1. Stay all summer by getting a afternoon pass from Whistler Blackcomb for $325USD/$425CAD. If you have a winter WB Season Pass, you'll get your Afternoon Summer Pass for $229USD/$299CAD. Summer shred doesn't get cheaper than that!
  • If you register soon, and pay in full, you will get your choice of a free a GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition camera. The value is between $399 CAD.

  • Thanks to the best exchange rate in 11 years COC is $400-$500 cheaper than High Cascade or Windells and $300 cheaper than Momentum.
  • Guaranteed snow on the glacier! Whistler Blackcomb installed a test snowmaking system above the COC Park in 2016 and were pleased with the results. For 2017 they are putting in 3 new tower guns and one fan gun. What does that mean? More snow than ever at COC. Whistler Blackcomb will be making snow all winter to ensure the BEST park ever for 2017. 
  • The Pros Voted "COC Has The Best Summer Park": The pros know. COC has the best summer park. Period. We invented the summer camp park and still do it best. The park design in 2017 changed the game... again. Add all the new snow and you won't believe what we can build.
  • More Time On Snow Than Any Other Camp! 6 days on snow from 8 am to 3 pm. They say it takes 10,000 hours to become a pro, well COC will feel like a fast track to get you there. Get almost double the amount of on snow coaching compared to camps at Mt. Hood.
  • The Best Camper To Coach Ratio: COC's one-on-one coaching in a group with a 1:8 ratio is the best ratio in the summer camp world.  
  • The Best Accommodation (it's where the pros stay too!):  Luxury double occupancy hotel room at The Whistler Peak Lodge in the heart of Whistler village. Downstairs is an 8 screen movie theatre, 2 different pizza spots, a Starbucks, Mongolie Grill and endless other options.
  • The Best Afternoon Activities: Across the parking lot from your hotel room is the brand new concrete skatepark. Follow up your already epic day on Your coach and crew will head to Bounce, the trampoline academy, to continue working on those tricks. Relax at Lost Lake or cruise through town and check out all the raddest shops where the pros hang out.
  • Eat Breakfast Lunch and Dinner With your Coach: The best way to get to be new best friends with your coach is by hanging out with them all day every day so you eat all you r meals with your coach.
  • Same Coach Every Day: You learn more when you have the same coach every day. You don't spend half the morning bringing your new coach up to speed on what you need to learn like you do at other camps. You get to meet all the pros no matter which coach you are with as crews team up and ride the same features and share knowledge. It is the best and fastest way to learn.


Camp of Champions Panorama

Camps of Champions IS WHERE IT ALL STARTS

I have to extend COC a huge thanks from the US Snowboarding and US Freeskiing teams. In Sochi, the US Teams won 6 of the 12 available Olympic Slopestyle medals including 3 golds and a mens’ podium sweep in Ski Slopestyle. Being at COC in the summer leading up to the Sochi Olympics was pivotal in the success of the US Team athletes.
— Mike Jankowski - Director US Freeskiing and US Snowboarding National Teams

* US Prices Change Daily